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I gathered a few figures from the web this week regarding Angry Birds and how it has been performing. Rovio, the Finnish gaming company does state sales and download figures every now and then, but more broader figures to understand the game appeal are hard to dig. Peter Vesterbacka, The Mighty Eagle, commented to a blog post on Friday and while doing so, gave out a few figures that are worth sharing.

On the Technologizer blog, Vesterbacka stated that people spend over 100 million minutes playing the game each day, while completing about 10 billion levels each week. 100 million minutes is a lot by any standards. 65 million of these come from the iPhone alone. Also, 80 percent of the people who have ever downloaded the game will download the updates to the game as well so retention wise the game is doing very well.

In another post, TalkAndroid states that the game has been downloaded 60 million times. I’m not sure if this is a typo as other sources refer to 30 million downloads still. If we take this into consideration, each one of those 60 million downloaded game accrues on average 1 minute 40 seconds of game play each day. On October 28th, Pocketgamer.biz stated that Angry Birds have been downloaded over 30 million times. This would mean that in a little over a month’s time the game has received almost 30 million downloads (quote from video by Google – watch it below).

Last, but definitely not least. TechCrunch covered Angry Birds this week that they are looking at generating around $1 million on the Android platform through ad sales towards the end of this year.

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