Danish based startup JumpStory has grown from nothing to customers in more than 90 countries by using an extreme form of customer service and support.

The startup has created a unique culture, where everyone – from C-level to actual supporters – have to do support on a weekly basis. This means that support tickets from around the world are sent to different employees to make sure that the entire staff understands the product in depth.

“I know that it might sound crazy, but for us it’s a way of making sure that everyone in the team really gets the product. We want sales, marketing, product development and everyone else to understand the customers and the solution just as well as the support-team. This kind of extreme culture enforces that learning”, says Jonathan Low – co-founder of JumpStory.

In addition to the distributed support in the organization, JumpStory are also the only ones in the world to offer their customers a “Personal B2B shopper”. This basically means that a staff member of JumpStory is assigned as what people would know from B2C as a personal shopper, and the staff member does all the work FOR the customer – e.g. finding them the photos and videos that they need – at no extra cost. The startup has invested heavily in the support-team to be able to deliver on this promise.

JumpStory’s co-founder Jonathan Low – a serial entrepreneur and former top athlete – explains that the extreme level of customer support is also a result of his company trying to compete in an extremely red ocean with major competitors like Adobe, Getty and Shutterstock – billion dollar companies employing thousands of people, but – according to Low – not delivering the kind of service that also B2B customers will expect in the future.

JumpStory has received a million dollar investment from well-known investors such as the former Danish CEO of Microsoft and are trying to get a big share of the 3 USD billion market of digital marketing photography.

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