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ThirdPresenceThirdPresence, a product being created by the Finnish Ubipart, is a SaaS platform solution for distributing media on mobile phones. They were also present in the Nordic Venture Forum earlier this week and they did well, they received the best presentation award that will allow them to present at the European Venture Summit in Dusseldorf. What makes ThirdPresence an interesting service is that they’ve managed to really clearly simplify their offering and tackle one thing very well – the technology to distribute media to mobile devices.

The service has lots of nice little important issues, in my opinion that make it a potential winner. For example, the fact that while the service is a software running from ThirdPresence’s website – the publisher of the content is the owner of all the data that is gathered from the distribution. This is increasingly important in understanding the consumer behaviour as well as the ability to run the service with all the advantages without having to worry about the technical difficulties of setting up scalable systems of this sort.

ThirdPresence supports both live and recorded media distribution. Another interesting aspect of the service is the fact that users are able to view the material through an application or a mobile website, which ever suits the needs of the users. Also, publishers are able to customise the look and feel of the application and website to fit inline with their brand. While aimed mainly at media companies, ThirdPresence offers three different price groups from 69€ a month to 449€ a month depending on the amount of minutes needed to deliver during the month. With the most economical package you are able to distribute 10 000 minutes while with the best package you are capped at 150 000 minutes.

The prices have been well thought out and while they seem to be very economical, media companies would more likely need to go for the higer value products due to the streaming needs. 150 000 minutes allows for 50 000 views of 3 minute videos, which is thought to be the average length of good online video. I’m personally looking forwards to writing again on ThirdPresence and how they’re doing in the future – it seems many parts are a right fit in this startup, so it’s up to the execution and how that’s carried out.

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