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Thinglink Takes Aim At Print Media With Rich Media Notes

ThinglinkThinglink has announced a printable version of its image tagging service called Rich Media Notes, which gives owners of NFC enabled devices the ability to interact with physical objects such as posters, flyers, photos and other print media.

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A printed image with embedded Rich Media Notes can contain anything from a song to videos, blogposts and links to online communities. According to Ulla-Maaria Engeström, CEO of Thinglink:

When images and everyday objects become access points to web content, the consumption and distribution of online media will change from laptop to mobile devices. With Rich Media Notes, we are creating demand for new kinds of enhanced, printable products such as posters, flyers and handouts that carry rich media web content, discoverable through NFC.

NFC, a technology primarily used for providing payment and information services, offers a wide field of opportunities for businesses. With Thinglink’s Rich Media Notes, marketers, advertisers and publishers will be able to deepen consumer engagement by enriching offline media with easy-to-access online content.

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