ThinglinkThinglink today announced that they have partnered with the Berlin based SoundCloud to enable embedding of sound files to images. Thinglink has grown its clientele over previous months and hired new people on board. At the same time, SoundCloud has become one of the most interesting music startups in Europe with its growing user base and service offering.

Thinglink’s technology enables users to create more meaningful images. Thinglinked images are tagged with links and information a user is able to see when they hover their mouse over the image itself. The technology is in use by Finnish media companies such as Nelonen and Aller Media.

With the new collaboration of technologies, Thinglink users are able to embed songs from SoundCloud to their images. SoundCloud has more than three million registered users, so there’s definitely a large user base that can take advantage of this.

Alexander Ljung, CEO and Founder of SoundCloud stated, “This simple concept of linking sound to the images that are meaningful to you opens up endless opportunities to audio creators. Not only will it change the way artists promote themselves, their music and their live shows, but it will also allow people to add narrative to their holiday snaps, verbal descriptions to their designs or funny soundbites to their illustrations.”

“Images and sound are a natural combination and really compliment each other,” Ulla-Maaria Engeström, ThingLink CEO, continued. “Context invites clicks, and sound adds a new dimension to images, be it fan shots, fashion photos, or family albums.”

Thinglink has been funded by Lifeline Ventures as well as Inventure.