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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

ThingLink Launches Tabs For Facebook

ThingLink has released Tabs For Facebook, which allows marketers or anyone else to embed ThingLinked images on Facebook Pages. The service provides a non-intrusive way to integrate rich media into static images on a mouseover, turning any picture into a platform to highlight and embed content. An example of the embedded link on Facebook is featured on the David Lynch Foundation Music Facebook page.

The ThingLink Tabs work much like the standard ThingLink embeds, and each Tab has sharing mechanisms and is embeddable into any blog or website. With the account users get HoverClick metrics that show real time statistics for monitoring engagement.

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The ThingLink Tabs for Facebook are available with a new monetization strategy for the platform. To get your things linked on Facebook, new PLUS and PRO accounts are now offered on the service for $5 and $20 a month. This provides access to put a ThingLinked image on one or five Facebook pages, respectively. A free account is still available that lets you embed a ThingLink almost anywhere else.

The Helsinki-based company offers a cool and useful service, but a clear monetization strategy hasn’t been obvious from the beginning. Hopefully they’ll find some luck with Facebook marketers looking for a higher level of engagement.

ThingLink is accelerated by LifeLine Ventures, a Vigo accelerator.

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