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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The World's Not Enough! Rovio To Bring Animated Angry Birds Series

angry_birdsI guess Angry Birds think that the mobile platforms don’t give them a large enough empire to vent their wrath upon the pig army. Rovio’s sensational game has grown leaps and bounds so much that the mobile strategy is now just a smaller part of their expansion strategy.

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The NABO or the New Angry Birds Order as I address the game as, has given us stuffed toys, a board game already and reports today hinted at the possibility of an Angry Birds TV series. The idea as reported has been in the can for quite some time, probably since August last year and it is a totally different avenue that Rovio will be stepping into. It is interesting to witness this strategy and how the game continues to step deeper into our every day lives.

So what exactly will we be seeing in the next few months? Here’s what I think (read fear)

  • A high tech member in the family recovering eggs from the villainous pigs on Android or the iPhone
  • A baby sleeping with an Angry Bird stuffed toy
  • Young teens enjoying the slingshot experience on the Angry Bird board game
  • A toddler loving the Angry Bird Cartoon series.

Isn’t that a bit too much of Angry Birds?

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