The top three startups from Kiuas Demo Day 2021

On Wednesday, 25 startups participated in Kiuas Demo Day 2021,the final show of Kiuas Accelerator – showcasing the 25 most promising early-stage startups in the Nordics & Baltics.

Despite being in the midst of a challenging year, Kiuas accelerator proved to be impressive this year by having their first international batch, having companies from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia and India on board. They also doubled the batch size, a total of 25 startups across a wide range of industries – such as SaaS and XR to Health and Deep tech – took part in the 2021 batch. These teams spent the last seven weeks being challenged by no less than 68 coaches, all culminating in their three minute pitch at Demo Day. 

Teams were pitching to a jury of seasoned investors made up of Katja Toropainen, Atomico Angel Program ;  Vladimíra Činčurová, Microsoft & Lumus Investment Collective ; Kartik Sharma, Launch Africa Ventures; Stanley Lu, Turing Capital; Kremena Tosheva, SNÖ Ventures; Juha Lindfors, Lifeline Ventures;  Ekaterina Gianelli, Inventure; Eva Šimeková: CIVITTA.

All 25 teams had thrilling presentations, but three companies stood out from the pack.

The winner of this year’s Demo Day is Greenele, the company specializes in electric vehicle charging solutions for housing companies. 

Coming at second, Misteo Private Limited, a computational sustainability company focusing on providing parametric risk transfer and financial mitigation solutions to governments and private enterprises to overcome cost of climate exigencies.

Number three was The Adjacent Possible, their mission is to develop and commercialize a method that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accelerate cross-industry discovery and innovation in a serial way.

Coming right behind them with the community vote, Jakoa/

Watch the recording of Kiuas Demo day to see all the pitches. 

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of Demo Day 2021, we are looking forward to seeing what’s next and how they will keep tackling important issues and innovating.

Visit the Demo Day page to read more about each company.

Photo from Patrik Holopainen on LinkedIn