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The top 5 Nordic bitcoin startups

By Marija Odineca
Edited: Allen

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Despite the falling bitcoin price, the interest in crypto continues to rise and Nordic startups are definitely not lagging behind. Here is a list of top 5 Scandinavian bitcoin startups worth checking out.

KnC miner

Location: Stockholm
What they do: Chip design and cloud services for blockchain-based applications and cryptocurrency mining.
Why they are interesting: With their latest investment round of whooping USD$14 million, these guys made it to the Top 5 of all Nordic Series A, second only to Fyndiq. Raising eight figures also let them join the league of such high-valued bitcoin startups as Coinbase, BitPay and Xapo.
Web: https://www.kncminer.com/
AngelList: https://angel.co/kncminer


Location: Stockholm
What they do: Safe direct payments for instant transfer of bitcoins.
Why they are interesting: Safello has been quite active recently. Their CEO statement that there currently is no altcoin competitor for bitcoin has sparked quite a lively discussion on Reddit recently. Besides that, Safello is attracting new investors and is partnering with KnC Miner and Coinapult.
Web: https://safello.com/
AngelList: https://angel.co/safello


Location: Helsinki
What they do: Fast and easy marketplace to buy and sell bitcoins near you.
Why they are interesting: The site does not exchange bitcoins, they only serve as a marketplace connecting local buyers and sellers who then agree on terms. Currently Localbitcoins matches people in 7296 cities across 240 countries.
Web: https://localbitcoins.com/
AngelList: https://angel.co/localbitcoins


Location: Copenhagen
What they do: Aims to spearhead bitcoin adoption by businesses in Europe.
Why they are interesting: Coinify has recently raised several million by Danish SEED Capital with a bold resolution to prevent Coinbase domination in Europe. Coinify has already acquired one of the first and largest European digital currency brokers Bitcoin Nordic to prove it is serious. Followed by their purchase of the IP to payment gateway technology from Danish Bitcoin Internet Payment System, as well as their merchant relationships Coinify clearly indicates it is up to something worth noting.
Web: https://coinify.com/
AngelList: https://angel.co/coinify


Location: Stockholm
What they do: Top-up for prepaid mobile phones with bitcoin.
Why they are interesting: They have already reached agreement with 425 operators in 113 countries. Ironically, these do not include Scandinavia. Key focus is on developing countries where mobile phone often is the only device used to access the internet, e-commerce and banking services. This is a niche of bitcoin services with interesting potential.
Web: https://www.bitrefill.com/
AngelList: https://angel.co/bitrefill

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