The Toggl Team Launches TeamWeek To Keep Your Team In Line

    The Estonian creators of Toggl time tracking software have launched their newest product, TeamWeek, which is targeted at team-management professionals. Rather than constantly updating a chart, you’re given the simplicity of an Excel sheet easily accessed in a browser, but designed for a multi-user environment.

    “Gantt charts just suck,” as TeamWeek’s lead engineer Krister Haav puts plainly. “As soon as you print them they’re out of date. So we created the antidote.”

    Teamweek gives product managers a top-down view, letting you visualize youth team’s workload under whatever time period you wish. Assignments can be moved around easily as new issues come up, letting you distribute workload without having to really figure out what’s going on.

    Another benefit is that recurring and unscheduled tasks stay in a backlog, giving you a buffer to delegate as need be.

    As far as pricing goes, TeamWeek gives you a 30 day free trial to get comfortable, then adds each user at 2 bucks a month, with a manager running $4 a month.

    This is a comfortable area for the team behind this project. Previously they’ve been working on the Toggl, the time tracking software designed to (somewhat ironically) kill time sheets for freelancers.

    Speaking of Toggl, it has meanwhile has added its 350,000th user and has experienced 300% revenue growth in 2012, Haav tells us.

    Read more about TeamWeek on their Manifesto page. More startups should have the manifesto mindset for their about page.