The Wooden Labyrinth 3D was one of the more popular Finnish mobile apps before the arrival of Angry Birds from Rovio. To this date, Wooden Labyrinth has been downloaded some 10+ million times. The app was developed in 2009 by Elias Pietilä in February 2009. We’ve covered Elias Pietilä before when he ran into problems with a game called Pajazzo with the Finnish Moneygaming Association (RAY). We talked to Pietilä about the success of the game.

Since the launching of the game, it has generated a couple of hundred thousand euros for Pietilä. In the beginning of 2009 the game was immediately being sold for a few hundred euros a day. After giving out the free version of the game, the paid version improved sales as well.

After receiving the Apple Design Award, Wooden Labyrinth 3D’s free version entered the top 100 list of apps in the US. After a few days, the app skyrocketed to the #1 position on the games list. The paid version rose to about top 50 on the games list. During this time, both games were downloaded about 80 000 times a day and generated a couple of thousand euros in revenues daily.

All in all, the paid version has been sold around 190 000 times (usual selling price has been $2.99). This means the game has generated some $568 000 before Steve’s 30% cut on it resulting in some 397 670 euros for Pietilä. The free version has also been profitable, although Pietilä did not disclose specifics. The free app has shown 140 million full screen ads in-game with 1.5 million clicks.

On the Nokia side, the game was released just this year just before the announcement of change in Nokia’s smartphone strategy. Due to this, the app sales have been relatively low.

Wooden Labyrinth 3D also won Nokia’s Calling All Innovator’s Classics and Arcade category resulting in another $150 000 in ROI for the game. To this date the game, through revenue and price money, has generated around 500 000 euros for Pietilä. He revealed that all in all he has spent around half a year working on the game, which gives out a fantastic return on investment.

Today, Pietilä has his own mobile app development shop called Qvik. With such a reference as Wooden Labyrinth 3D under his belt I’m sure it’s quite easy to win over customers.

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