The Next Web/ArcticStartup Meetup Tomorrow At Teatteri

    We’ve sold out our free event! So we decided to go ahead and add a few extra spots. The expectation is that they will go very quickly, so act fast before it’s too late.

    The event that we are talking about is a meet-up with The Next Web and Robin Wauters, the European Editor in particular. Ninchat has also stepped up to help us with the event and there will be a free surprise Ninchat drink for the first attendants, so don’t be late.

    This is a great opportunity to network and get yourself known on the European and World Wide scene. We are going to meet at the Teatteri Club, located at Pohjoisesplanadi 2, Helsinki. The evening starts at 19:30 with a few opening remarks from Dmitri Sarle and Greg Anderson of ArcticStartup and then a few words from Robin Wauters.

    We also think that it’s a welcome change to have Ninchat, a start-up, as a sponsor and not an investor or a government institution. Shows how much dedication and entrepreneurial spirit our region really does have and that we are ready to go to great lengths to become successful and noticed. Ninchat is “your secret communication” tool, check our their website for more on communication and ninjas.

    UPDATE: 50 First people will get a surprise Ninchat welcome drink!

    In short, get your Christmas mood together, register in the form below and be there tomorrow. Robin is eager to meet everyone and to get a feeling for our scene, let’s not disappoint him.