The Most Read ArcticStartup Articles Of 2011

    With Google Analytics as our guide, we take a look back on 2011 to see what were the top stories according to the wisdom of the crowd.

    1.  The TechCrunch Embargo

    “…We’ve heard that Techcrunch now, in some cases, require new startups to give them the right to determine when the startup can go talk to other journalists (and naturally if you don’t want to abide – don’t expect coverage anytime soon). In other words, they set an embargo towards the startup itself.”

    2.  Spotify Second Largest Source Of Revenue In Europe For Labels

    “Overall, the service is the largest digital music retailer in Norway and Sweden and also in terms of usage. It is number two in Europe behind iTunes. One of the reasons behind this growth and success has been Spotify’s strategic deals with ISPs, mainly Telia. The IFPI report forecasts music services to generate more than £100 million in revenues for ISPs by 2013.”

    3.  Some More On The Nokia Microsoft Partnership

    “Öistämö stated that Nokia is free to modify the environment as they wish, but it has to remain as a single environment from the developer point of view. Interesting comments and possibly a signal of things to come in the future.”

    4.  Wishbhone Is A Tangle Free Way To Store Headphones
    As an update, Wishbhone has been successfully funded with $17,270 out of the $10,000 they needed. You have until January 15th to also get in on the funding pre-order.

    “We stick to digital startups here at ArcticStartup, but we’re not afraid to wander if something catches our eye. A new project on KickStarter has done just that: a couple of guys from Helsinki have created Wishbhone, a clever piece of plastic that allows you to actually store your headphones without them turning into the strongest, most complicated knot known to man.”

    5.  Should You Work For A Startup? The Answer is Increasingly Yes!

    “I have thought a lot about how can I convince talented people with plenty of options to choose from to join a young fast growing startup instead of a mature established company. Let me break my thinking down so you can see that the answer to that question really is increasingly ‘hell yes I should join a startup!’ and not just of my dreaming.”

    6.  Blueseed Finds International Waters The Solution to US Visa Problems

    As an American citizen, I don’t know if I should feel really impressed or disappointed about Blueseed’s plans. It’s either the epitome of  the broken American immigration system, or its a powerful metaphor of how driven entrepreneurs are to find solutions to problems, no matter how far out their dreams are on the horizon.

    7.  Nokia To Launch Four Nokia Windows Phone 7 In Early 2012

    There has been a lot of debate over the Nokia and Microsoft Partnership, especially regarding when Nokia will start the production of the Windows Phone 7 devices. While the exact dates are yet to be announced, Mobile Review revealed that we can expect at least 4 devices in early 2012.

    8.  Minecraft Generated About 5 M Euros In March

    “Perhaps the most interesting is the confirmation of the business potential of the game. It has sold more than 1.8 million copies of which 800 000 at 9,95 euro and over 1 million at 14,95 euros.”

    9.  Symptoms Of The Norwegian Startup Ecosystem
    Guest post by Tor Grønsund

    As inventors of the object-oriented programming language and the modern GSM technology, you would expect Norway to have the perfect ingredients for a vibrant startup scene. If you, however, search this or any other notable tech blog for news on early-stage Norwegian startups, you would find next to nothing.

    10.  The Email That Initiated Spotify’s Integration Into Facebook

    “Below is the original e-mail Sean Parker sent to Daniel Ek and Shakil Khan. The e-mail is a gem in itself, but more than that – it’s a great piece of material to learn from.”