The Medvedev Effect On Finnish Startups – NordicHug In Particular

    Meeting the Prime Minister of Russia is great, but can it have a profound effect on your business? Is this the type of publicity everybody dreams of? Apparently – yes. When Dmitry Medvedev met with Jyrki Katainen at the opening of the newly renovated and rebranded Startup Sauna Coworking Space, they were shown many innovations such as a smartphone cleaning solution by NordicHug and the “safe” rifle by SAKO.

    We have had NordicHug on the radar for a few months now and were waiting for them to release a tangible product. They have created a cleaning solution (currently a tissue wipe) based on the Arctic CloudBerry. This means that there is no alcohol and it is safe to use on any smartphone/tablet screen without destroying the protective coating. The amazing thing is that it still kills all the germs and bacteria.

    To find out how the meeting with Dmitry Medvedev went, I got in touch with Dmitry Genin, Co-Founder of NordicHug for a quick interview. According to Dmitry, the immediate reaction was colossal with every major Russian news publication and TV station covering the fact that both Dmitry Medvedev and Jyrki Katainen got their phones cleaned by this innovative product from Finland.

    This resulted in a whole day on the phone with investors, potential buyers and other interested parties. “Russia is a tough market to enter but now it is one of our major priorities”, says Dmitry Genin. The coverage also sparked up interest amongst both the existing and potential investors, which is of great help to the company as they were specifically looking towards Russia as a source of funding.

    So if you are in a Start-Up, do not underestimate the power of public relations and try to get Obama, Putin and Medvedev to use your product or service.