The Lift Release Brings HD, AirPlay And Many More Features To 23Video

    23videoDenmark based 23Video that helps users build full featured video sites has making a lift. 23Video has announced the coming of the Lift Release. The update will help users with more advanced options to make video sites a better and more efficient. The Lift Release brings quite a lot of features making the service a lot more usable for companies requiring video sites.

    Users or rather customers will be able to use sections that would split their videos into smaller chunks letting your users browse across these videos in a better way. The feature is helpful as it lets watch the clip that they find most interesting instead of having to watch the entire bit. It helps save time, ensure that users’ interest isn’t marred by a long boring content and they know what exactly are they watching, it helps in user retention as they are aware their visit wont be a drag if there is a video shared.

    The other great improvement is that of offering full HD resolution meaning that you as a customer will have the option to utilize the 1080p resolution for a crispier experience. All new videos will automatically be updated to HD, provided the original quality allows for the same.

    23Video also brings support for the Apple AirPlay, that allows video streaming on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This means your videos hear will be readily available to stream on any iOS based devices. And then there is the Videosite builder. Developers get to play around with a new theme, options to customize the thumbnails, complete .NET library support as well as plugins for Drupal and SharePoint. We are sharing a video to help our readers better understand how these plugins and APIs work around:

    23Video product is available for a monthly fee of $675 and includes all your videos as well as any updates there are to the platform. Hence if you are an existing customer you should already be ready to utilize the Lift Release.