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The Kinetik, a Danish StartupBootCamp company, is offering cross promotion advertising on mobile apps. The concept is very much similar to that of Applifier’s. The Kinetik offers tools for developers to attract new users to their apps for free. The company is able to offer free visitors as developers also advertise other apps in their own. For each installed app through the advertising, developers will receive credits minus the commision by The Kinetik.

The Kinetik is able to tackle the same problem that exists perhaps even more in the App Store and Android Market Place due to screen size – finding new content is extremely difficult. Most users usually find content through three different means; you hear about it from a friend, you find it trending in the top lists or you find it when searching for something.

The company opened up its service for developers on October 26th, according to The Daily App Show. It’s a young venture, but if it will prove its usability and approach to the problem – there shouldn’t be any reason why it should not grow like Applifier. Applifier reached 55 million users seeing the cross promotion bar in less than 100 days.

The Kinetik isn’t the first cross promotion network for the mobile apps out there. However it’s approach is, its not only for games like its competitors Playhaven or Plus+. Furthermore, according to the Daily App Show, members curate the apps they promote. The network is currently available for iPhone and Android.

The company is also one of the ten teams of the Danish StartupBootCamp -program, which is a Techstars Global Affiliate.

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