This recording application actually hides scheduled recording function which can automatically start and end. You can use a Bluetooth headset to record and can also record only when you are talking. Have you used it?
This app was once recommended by App Store: It’s called ” Voice Recorder Pro-Recording”
Here is the link:
You can pause the recording during the recording process, and click the flag button which is below the timer to add marks to important locations. Click the stop button after the recording is over, the recording is automatically named after the start time.
Before recording, you can select the mode “mixed with the selected audio or video”, click and then select the file from Apple Music or iCloud, you can mix the recorded content with background music, or sing a favorite with the accompaniment And recorded the song.
The mode “start recording at the scheduled time” allows users to schedule recording more conveniently. Recording starts and ends automatically after the countdown ends. For example, if you want to record the content of meetings and conversations, you can set up a scheduled recording. The recorder will automatically record in the background, and you can take the device and leave when the meeting is over. 
“Recording via Bluetooth headset” allows users to use Bluetooth headsets for covert recording, which is a gospel for many people engaged in “secret work”. Cooperate with AirPods to make them cooperate with you to complete important tasks.
“Record only while talking” is more flexible and agile, it will automatically pause when there is no recording content, and only record the content you want to record. Drag the slider to set the sensitivity.
Search and download “Voice Recorder Pro-recording“ on Apple devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch are all supported!

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