The Google Analytics Of Emotions "Realeyes" Receives $3.2 Million From SmartCap And Entrepreneurs Fund

    It is no secret that when people are asked to fill out surveys in marketing research studies that the answers tend to become skewed and biased thanks to the fact that they are made consciously. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use a camera coupled with technology from “Lie To Me” in order to tell what people are really thinking and feeling? Well, this is exactly what the London based but with Estonian ties Realeyes is doing.

    The company is basically the Google Analytics of emotions and they are currently using their technology for analyzing emotional reactions to videos through the use of webcams and in-store cameras. This basically allows marketers to know exactly how effective their marketing videos are going to be and at which point exactly the consumers will feel happy, scared, confused and sad.
Just now, they have announced a $3.2 million A-Round led by Entrepreneurs Fund and the Tallinn based SmartCap. In total they have raised over $4.6 million. The company is already serving top research firms such as Nielsen, Ipsos and Toluna who in turn have more than 30 brands from the Fortune 500 as their clients.

    However big budget advertising clips is not the only area of focus. The company stated that their fastest-growing area is actually social video and they are planning their future products around this specifically. This could be a very cool way to measure possible virality of social videos.

    The CEO and co-founder, Mihkel Jäätma, who is originally from Estonia, commented that “Emotion measurement solves the key problem in research – to provide true subconscious feedback. Scientists have shown over 90% of human behaviour and decision making is driven by the subconscious; yet over 90% of current research and feedback is based on conscious self-reporting.
    This massive imbalance is dissipating as it’s now easier to record emotions via webcams than having people fill in surveys.”

    You can check their technology in action by going here. You will need to watch a video and register but after that you will have access to a number of social videos and well-known adds and an ability to view people’s emotions by the second.