The Four Favorite Teams From Last Weekend's Garage48 Tallinn Event

While Garage48 is still a little under a month away from the African Safari, the event at Tallinn last weekend has had the curtains dropped. The event saw over 120 people working hard in 18 teams to give their ideas a touch of reality. Garage48 is a weekend type company development project, where people of different crafts get together to work on projects for the duration of 48 hours. After the weekend, teams present their results in front of an audience.

While making a mention of all the 18 participants would be one lengthy task (albeit not impossible). Six teams won different prizes or recognitions in the event and I’ll cut that list down to my personal four favorite teams. Below are short summaries with links to the team pages for more information.

I guess there is a bulk of services that tell you what places to visit in a locality or where you can buy the cheapest gadgets from. But I haven’t come across one that tells you about a related story to a place. Storymarks does exactly that by letting people explore or share stories behind places they have visited or might be interested in visiting. The startup was the overall winner at Tallinn.

The idea won the runner-up position for having the best business concept. It simply stores music sheets or compositions that can be used by choirs, bands or even by publishing houses to sell the same.
Being given the runner-up for best prototype and demo position. Challengo is a social network platform that connects with your Facebook account and lets you take on your friends with numerous challenges.

This one is my personal favorite and it was rightly awarded the Best Public Service title. From my experience, I can make good use of the application and have quite a lot of bribe hotspots in my region. The smartphone app enables users to register bribes and also see those already registered, categorized as numerous services which include police, healthcare, etc. I bet there are many who have witnessed bribe changing hands somewhere and with your anonymity guaranteed, you can spot a bribe or two yourself with this app.

You can read more about the other winners and participants at the Garage48 Tallinn event page.