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The Fall 2011 Startup Sauna Companies

The Helsinki Based seed accelerator, Startup Sauna, recently announced their Fall batch of startups. The 17 teams began working out of Otaniemi yesterday and will finish with a public demo day on December 15th. This year there are 8 Finnish teams, 5 Russian, 2 Polish, 1 Estonian, and  one from Lithuania.

App Scale
– Russia – app-scale.com
A translator allowing an application to use the API of one social network and port it to other sites.

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Besanhe – Helsinki, Finland
Cloud storage for storing online data recycling and entertainment.

Collapick – Joensuu, Finland – collapick.com
Online updating service for any blog or webpage.

Hundredpercent.me – Novosibirsk, Russia – hundredpercent.me
Identification platform that allows web services to easily check government IDs.

imgn.it – Warsaw, Poland – imgn.it
Allows users to combine photographs creating a geotagged database.

Inbelly – Vilnius, Lithuania – inbelly.co.uk
Crowdsourced guide to evaluate quality of food products in terms of food additives.

LinkedViews – Helsinki, Finland
An interactive platform parallel to TV.

Lokus Digital – Turku Finland – lokusdigital.com
Creates immersive augmented reality games

Maxygen – Moscow, Russia – maxygen.ru
Creates technology to detect early stage infectious disease

MobileBrainBank – Helsinki, Finland –mobilebrainbank.org
Allows companies to post projects and select developers for mobile applications.

NeptunIDE – Lubin, Poland – neptunide.com
Cloud-based integrated development environment

Open Warehouse – Ekaterinburg, Russia – osklad.com
Allows businesses to establish electronic data exchange

Qminder – Tartu, Estonia – qminderapp.com
SAAS que management system. Recently won Seedcamp Prague.

Builds automatic unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles with a 20km radius.

Wavesum – Helsinki, Finland – wavesum.net
Signal processing and music content analysis technology.

Yodiz – Espoo, Finland
A unified platform for development life-cycle to make teams more productive.

Zonear – Tampere, Finland
Building BOILERBUILD– A system that builds, optimizes, and deploys HTML5 apps.

The six week Startup Sauna program brings the startups to live and work together, and receive coaching from serial entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals. Each team is granted 1500 euros to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

The Aalto Venture Garage created the Startup Sauna in 2010 with the goal of attracting tallent and investors in the region. You can follow the development of the 6 week program on the Startup Sauna website.

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