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Thank You Sponsors

This is our periodic thank you note to our blog sponsors where we let them describe what they have to offer.

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Korpi Consulting logoStart-ups are in a unique position: Starting a new business gives them the possibility to be environmentally responsible from the start.

  • Implementing a suitable environmental management system is easy; your spaces, equipment and courses of action can be designed environmentally friendly from the start. That means: no transitional period and immediate cost savings.
  • Changes in EU environmental laws won’t surprise you, as you’re a step ahead, and you can watch others how they try to catch up hastily while you concentrate on your main task – doing business.
  • Your image as an environmentally responsible business will be believable – after all you strived for environmentally friendly actions from the day you started your business.
  • Environmental efficiency from the beginning can give your company an edge over its competitors, as well as demonstrating a high level of corporate responsibility, which may be attractive to potential customers and investors.

Korpi Consulting can tell you more about environmental management, and how it can benefit your company.

Sun Startup Essentials logoThe Sun Startup Essentials program is specifically designed to help startups get their business off the ground FAST with the right IT infrastructure at the LOWEST COST possible. This program is available in many countries throughout the world. You can also go directly to your local country’s Sun Startup Essentials program web page to learn more.

Update 17.4.: You can meet the good people at Sun also at the Startup Developers Gathering.

The next SDG will be about JavaFX! It is held in the usual place Korjaamo on 21st April starting at 7pm. The concept in short is beer, technology and networking. It is an honor to have Terrence Bar from Sun Microsystems to introduce us to this long waited technology. Terrence is a Senior Technologist at Sun Microsystems and Ambassador of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. He has 15+ years of industry experience with more than 10 of those years at Sun.

The event is free of charge, just register at Facebook here.


If you wish to become ArcticStartup blog sponsor, please see more information here. If you are interested in sponsoring our ArcticEvening events, please contact events (at) arcticstartup.com.

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