Thank You Sponsors!

    This is our periodic thank you note to our blog sponsors to describe what they have to offer.

    OMLegal offers legal services mainly to clients involved in the IT, Media and Entertainment industries. With years of legal experience and in-depth understanding of the business they are able to provide their clients effective and comprehensive legal solutions. OMLegal is relatively small, yet very dynamic in the way they handle their clients – you won’t be left alone with them!

    Be sure to check out OMLegal’s pro bono legal advice at “OMLegal: Helping Startups“. They’re also sending out document templates to startups, who want to ask for them, so take advantage of the offer.

    Join BizSpark today and get access to BizSpark Connect where a global network of investors and network partners connect with the most promising startups. If your business is:
    * Developing software
    * Privately held
    * Less than three years old
    * Making less than US $1M annually

    You’ll be a perfect fit for Microsoft Bizspark. Join now to maximise your startups’ business potential!

    Drupal & cloud systems are the building blocks of a new era of web technology. Robust and secure, enterprise level web applications are now developed and deployed at a fraction of the cost. Drupro specializes in web application development on the Drupal framework and the Amazon server cloud (AWS).

    Want your own Digg, Flickr or Yelp? Come to the DrupalCamp Helsinki on 27th and 28th of May to hear how the Drupal and the cloud systems will get you bang for your bucks.

    Papula-Nevinpat is a globally recognized patent, trademark and design agency. In addition to our Finland-based global operations, we have a strong foothold in the Eurasian territory with local offices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Our attorneys will help you secure your exclusive rights anywhere in the world.

    If you wish to become ArcticStartup blog sponsor, please see more information here. If you are interested in sponsoring our ArcticEvening events, please contact events (at)