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A big part of the process of getting a new phone is to play around with it a little. Where as before the specifications of the device played a big role, these days the usability and the experience as a whole play a major role. Microsoft has realised this and made an effort to help people with the onboarding experience. Now you can surf to http://aka.ms/wpdemo and test it on your current phone. The test is actually quite good and gives a quick glimpse of the possibilities of the phone for those who have not had a chance to test Windows Phone devices just yet.

The demo is designed with HTML5, a big platform the Windows Phone is betting itself on (rightly so in my opinion). It showcases the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release and users can go through a few different use cases and functionalities of the platform.

Interestingly, I saw an Apple fan boy comment of the new design of the Windows Phone as a clearly better alternative to Android, but also in many ways superior to that of the iPhone. He personally had trouble admitting this, due to his background but in my opinion this spells out an interesting future for consumers – more high quality choice available!

Below is a screenshot of the demo on an iPhone.

Head over to http://aka.ms/wpdemo with your phone to check it out.

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