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Finnish startup Tespack, which produces backpacks with embedded light-weight solar panels, sealed an investment deal of 200 000 euros with Arkley Venture Capital.

The product includes ultra-light charger – the one you normally see at electronic store – which can be charged directly from wall socket or the Sun through 7W Tespack wearable solar panel.

If you feel carrying a solar panel with you around the city sounds strange – don’t worry, the panel can be mounted on a daily backpack or on the one that the company offers. All it takes is one full hour in the sunlight to fully charge your smartphone.

Solar energy is not rocket science anymore, but that is not exactly the case with mobile energy. Portable charger could be an answer, but advances in technology have brought us closer to the verge that we can have unlimited, clean and free energy with us whenever we go.

And it might bring fashion industry into play, as Tespack CEO Mario Aguilera explained: “Our company is one of the pioneers in what’s called TechFashion, which means that we implement proven technology into modern fashion in order to create beautiful products.”

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