Investment Negotiation Secrets Revealed In Term Sheet Battle’s Nordic Tour

    When we talk about funding rounds, the money seems to be the only thing that matters. But more important than that is what the money is actually buying. With so many fun clauses like liquidity preferences and clawback provisions potentially littering the term sheet put in front of you, it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you find yourself in a VC’s office.

    The best way to learn is by watching, so here’s an event we’re super excited about supporting. Term Sheet Battles are coming to Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm in the last week of this month to show 200 attendees in each city what happens during a negotiation.

    Here’s how it goes down. There’s a CEO on the stage with their lawyer, two investors and then a moderator. And they negotiate a hypothetical Series A term sheet.

    It sounds simple, but they break down each clause to de-mystify the process of what happens behind closed doors. Entrepreneurs and can see how actual term sheet negotiations take place and potentially save you a ton of shares and headaches if you know what VCs and Angels are throwing your way.

    Additionally, the event should be really interesting to people interested in getting into Angel investing, as well as lawyers and anyone else interested in the startup funding process.

    The Term Sheet Battle events have already been run in Copenhagen, London, and Amsterdam, among other cities, and have consistently sold out and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The moderator, Brad Furber, has been a lawyer on the west coast since 1995, and from what I hear he drives an entertaining and informative negotiation.

    Before the show, startups interested in StartupBootcamp can attend StartupBootcamp’s Open Pitch. And with the event, there will be plenty of time to network before and after with drinks and snacks.

    One of ArcticStartup goals is to create events that provide real value, so we partnered up with Term Sheet Battle and StartupBootcamp to host Helsinki’s event that will take place on the May 28th at an absolutely stunning venue – Apollo Live Club. The actual negotiation will take 2-3 hours but the event will last 5 hours with plenty of time for networking.

    Helsinki’s Term Sheet Battle registration form is below, act fast as the amount of seats available is limited. Newsletter readers, please go here to fill out the form. The Helsinki event opens doors at 17:00 and we will begin at 18:00.