Tennis Watch takes good advantage of the Apple Watch

    The aptly named Tennis Watch

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Gothenburg-created Tennis Watch is going places.

    The market for people that bought Apple Watches are either the type of person that self identifies as an “early adopter” or middle age people that want a fancy and expensive gadget to show at the country club. Tennis Watch seems to hit the latter on the head.

    And for bonus points it actually looks like a practical use of the minimalistic Apple Watch. During your sets, just tap the + or – button to add a point (or correct) to yours or your opponent’s score. The app won’t be a line judge, but it might to keep you from screwing up if it was 30-love or 40-15.

    Data is king, and it looks like this app will be able to serve up plenty of fancy graphs. Based when and how quickly you’re adding points the app will then be able to tell you things like serve quality, break point conversion, and tiebreak performance to help you improve your skills.

    In the future it looks like they’re fleshing out the apps into more of a social network for tennis players, allowing you to initiate matches or arrange tournaments.

    “Score tracking on the Apple Watch is just the beginning. Our ambition is to build the first digital tennis club.”