Tellyo tunes into €200,000 seed investment from GS Group

    Good news for Finland’s social TV startup Tellyo, which announces this morning they’ve picked up a €200k seed investment from international holding group GS Group and the supporting GS Venture Fund, giving them further runway to expand their social second screen solution throughout the TV industry.

    Have you ever wondered how people copy clips of television and put it on the internet? Those clips of your favorite TV show of movie you found on Youtube are difficult to upload; you would have to have some way to save a TV recording on your computer (which is difficult for live television) and then find a way to put it up on the web. Who has the time to do that?

    Apparently some people, but this is 2014. There’s a better way. Tellyo’s value proposition is their Share the Moment service, which allows viewers of live television to quickly grab a short clip of what they just watched though an app, so they can then share to their social streams.

    The startup’s customers are TV properties who want more viewers on their live TV after other people see a “I cant believe I just missed this” clip shared on social media. Additionally, since these shared clips are shared though the content owner’s online video platform, TV properties get the social bump without losing ad revenues and copyright issues to YouTube.

    This service has been in use by nine TV shows like Big Brother and MasterChef in three countries. The company says that the shared moments from Finnish MTV’s show, Comedy Combat hit about 2 million Facebook users, and generated over 100,000 likes.

    Sergei Filimonov, Head of GS Venture within GS Group said in a statement, “It is a service which we believe could become very successful and we look forward to seeing the service being adopted by many more operators wishing to boost their advertising revenues. We are not only investing to accelerate the company’s growth, but we expect our globally expanding network of operators to further adopt Tellyo’s services.”

    Kimmo Koivisto, CEO of Tellyo, tells us that they’re hiring four new team members, including UI designer, web developer, video software engineer and test engineer.

    in the future, they hope to expand their TV sharing moments beyond video clips. An example of this is meme-style pictures from screen captures.

    If you’re looking to see how this works, they have three more TV shows in production including Tähdet, tähdet on Finnish MTV, Dzięki Bogu Już Weekend on Polish TVP, as well as BarON24 on Polish TVP.