Tellybean Wraps €650,000 Seed Round

Tellybean has closed the second part of a 650,000 euros angel round, the Finnish video calling startup said on Tuesday.

The startup has built video calling app for smart TVs using smartphones cameras as wireless webcams.

“This approach makes it possible for Tellybean to support many different platforms and technologies with very limited requirements on its partners,” the company said.

“We submitted a patent for the solution, released the first version of it and are now able to combine a technical solution and a business model that the TV manufacturers and other partners can work with. It also gives Tellybean a technological edge to the competition, which will surely emerge in the future we signed major partnerships with Sony and Philips that provide visibility for Tellybean’s app on millions of SmartTV home screens,” it said.

Its closest peer Skype has dropped developing a separate app for TVs after Microsoft acquired it.

“The TV manufacturers see video calling as a great way to use their big screens and to connect TVs to a network with other video calling devices. Users agree that life-sized video calls with the whole family leaning back on the couch is a completely different experience from video calling on small screens,” it said.