TeliaSonera, one of the large mobile operators in the Nordics and Baltics, has announced that they are making roaming data charges more straight forward for the traveling customer. Instead of having to pay for mobile data by the megabyte, users will be able to buy a certain package of data that will give them the possibility to roam abroad for a set price until a certain cap has been reached. The pricing will be available for Swedish customers only, in the beginning, but the company plans to expand this to other countries as well. This is great news for mobile app developers, but it has to be asked – why has it taken so long to realize this?

Last May TeliaSonera reduced the roaming prices significantly in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Immediately after, they saw increased usage as consumers weren’t afraid of checking their e-mail and browsing the web a little, when abroad. This move has made the company confident to take the next step – allow Swedish subscribers to surf for a flat fee in 25 European countries.

Surf Abroad is the product name and it’s priced so that consumers will pay about 5,16 euros for 20 MB, while corporate customers will pay 8,31 euros for 50MB. According to TeliaSonera, these figures are slightly higher than a regular day roaming use today.

As somewhat of a heavy user of mobile web, this is a great step for the company towards the right direction. This will also give more incentives for consumers to keep on playing those mobile games while abroad.