TechHub Riga moves to new home

    Spending any time down in the startup scene in Riga, Latvia you’re bound to hear people talking about TechHub Riga, the coworking space at the center of Riga’s recent startup boom. Just last week, TechHub moved even closer to the center of Riga, quite literally, taking their location from a short walk outside the city center into right into the old town.

    “We have outgrown our space, and the first teams have also grown up and found their own offices as it happens in success cases. In these two years startup movement in Riga and Latvia have literally exploded, and demand for the space exceeded our options,” says Andris K. Berzins, TechHub Riga co-founder and CEO.

    The new location is on Kalku street, and will have 800 m2 to play with. This amount of space will come in handy considering they’re hosting rapidly growing teams, like Infogram, Sellfy, Froont, Fastr Books, and others. The new new space will come in handy since Infogram has grown to about 20 people (although less than that in the office) and basically took over the old TechHub Riga’s top floor.

    TechHub plans on dividing this space up between a working space for smaller teams, but also partially separated rooms for bigger teams, fitting five to fifteen people. Additionally TechHub plans to add a hall for corporate events and open a summer terrace.

    TechHub Riga is member supported, but the space plans to be the center for presentations, meetups, and hackathons for the Riga startup community.

    More recent pictures of the space (better than the one we have up top) can be found on, a Latvian newspaper’s website. We’re all for cross-border networking, so definitely try to say hi or find an event there the next time you’re in Riga.