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Microsoft Finland is throwing its annual conference, TechDays in Helsinki in just over a month’s time. The event is scheduled for two days between the 8th and 9th of March. The event has a ton of speakers covering a very impressive amount of topics. Microsoft has also confirmed for us that they will be giving a first look at the new Windows 8 operating system at the event as well. In fact, there will be one whole day’s worth of content aimed at Windows 8.

We talked to the organisers of TechDays and they believe one of their advantages this year is of course the speakers they have been able to attract, including David Chappell and the people that attend the event. Overall, the organisers are expecting the event to attract around 2000 people. This would make it the largest event aimed at IT professionals and developers in Finland.

The organisers believe there are a couple of interesting angles for startups in the scene to get excited. First of all, it brings a great way to understand how Microsoft platforms are developing and moving forward. In addition to that, a series on Windows Phone 7 will have a great line-up of content for those interested on mobile. And naturally, Windows Azure will be heavily present at the event as well.

The aim of TechDays is two-fold. Firstly it provides a great way to keep yourself up to date with Microsoft technology, but also it serves as an interesting forum for discussion on future technologies. Not forgetting, the event serves as a way for Microsoft to network with the developers in the scene and better understand their needs.

The event is only one month away, so if you’re thinking of attending – we encourage you to get your ticket today.

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