Teamscope launches team development tool

Estonian team development startup Teamscope launched in January its product to general market after raising 90,000 euros seed investment.

Teamscope looks at how an individual would perform within a particular team setting.  By using data analysis, virtual footprint, and established personality testing methods, Teamscope assesses each team member – their characteristic as well as personal values. The algorithm then analyses the entire team and provides the results in an interactive dashboard visualising how all members fit together and what the team’s strengths and possible weaknesses are.

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Teamscope says it’s unique as no other team development or talent assessment tool in the market analyses the entire team and then shows results at the overall team dynamics as well as their collaborative potential. “There are plenty of similar tools out there that assess the individual, but they do it in isolation of the actual team the individual is or will actually be working in,” the company said.

Jaan Tallinn, Teamscope’s advisory board member, said the tool could also help investors.

“As an investor, the primary aspect of a potential investment I evaluate is the quality of the team. As a physicist, I always prefer the objective to the subjective. Teamscope has the potential to combine these two — and not
only be helpful to investors who want to objectively assess team potential but, more importantly, to the teams themselves, helping them to address their potential weaknesses,” said Tallinn.

We tried an early version of the tool ourselves at ArcticStartup back in August.

“It presents do’s and don’t for the team and the individual that are very helpful if there is an active follow-up by the HR or management team. If left by itself it is a mere interesting note that disappears in a day. It gives direct ideas on to change behaviour like: Give autonomy and creative freedom to Romain,” said Joppe Quaedvlieg, Head of Happiness at ArcticStartup.

“Where Teamscope becomes very interesting is its support in trying to find out what kind of team members might be missing and if a possible future employee will fit in the team,” Quaedvlieg said. This feature was not yet available when we tested the service.