Tatchies: Gloves That Work With Smartphones And Look Good Too

    If you hadn’t noticed, it’s cold outside. And when the wind’s ripping through streets and cities across these northern cities, there’s no worse time to be a smartphone user. As a solution to this problem, a Stockholm-based company has created Tatchies, gloves with conductive thread that leads some of the heat from your finger to the screen, while still keeping your hands warm. Now no matter if the snow is blowing sideways, you can still check that app that tells you what bus you need to take, or get in that quick game of Angry Birds.

    While Tatchies aren’t the first gloves to include the conductive threads to work with touchscreens, you have to admit they’re probably the most stylish. They write that they were inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and design heritage, they let designer Markus Andersson style their minimalistic look. They come in a few trendy two-tone colors, and run for €18.99, with free shipping if you tweet or Facebook it.

    The gloves are also washable, making them also useful for those who keep track of their running, biking, or hiking with a GPS sports App or listen to music on their phones.