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As Finland has topped rankings for the best educational system in the world for years, tapping its know-how is an attractive offer for any young EdTech startup. However, especially when coming from outside of Finland, it could look like a daunting task to understand the sector which could be horribly bureaucratic and with everyone speaking a weird language.

The solution: attending Finnish EdTech accelerator. Helsinki-based xEdu is taking applications for its Spring programme until the end of January.

Unique education system

Finnish system has surely some unique elements — it has relatively short school days, with rest of the day filled with school-sponsored educational activities. Learning is done also outside the classroom, and it even plans to stop teaching separate subjects. The schools in Finland build the community and help to create identity among the citizens.

The teachers in Finland also go through some of the best education in the world – something xEdu is tapping directly as it’s located at one of the campuses of Helsinki University.

The accelerator is looking for “startups creating transformative learning solutions in the education sector,” while offering partnerships with leading tech companies, pedagogical evaluation from world-class educators, and mentorship with recognized business influencers.

To name a few early graduates one could check out Psyon Games, Seppo.io or 3DBear, which hides all the complexity of 3D printing.

So, to repeat – deadline to apply for xEdu is Jan 31.

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