Tangerine District is a Denmark based company that has created an online community with a lot of different tools available for small businesses. It combines the traditional productivity tools such as a CRM and a calendar together with file sharing and a knowledge base where you can ask questions from fellow entrepreneurs. Furthermore, there are services provided by other third party members, such as lawyers, etc. to help the small businesses onward in their path.

Tangerine District is a little like another Danish company Podio, but the approach is very different. Tangerine District has a lot of emphasis on the community part of the service. Not only do they offer their own products to help entrepreneurs, they actually have a lot of other companies also in the network, looking to help entrepreneurs (and in doing so improving their own business).

The service is not fully open to the public, but in private beta. If you want access, you should sign-up with their simple form available at their website.

Tangerine District has 8 employees altogether. Mikkel Kinnerup is the CEO and others affiliated in the company include Runar Lie, Boye Hartmann, Leif Christiansen, Gerard Hoff, Søren Hartig, Sergej Stepanov and Morten Krarup Kristensen.

The company has an interesting way to make money, one that I’ll have to see in action to believe it better. They are able license their platform to third parties, for larger companies for example, who are then able to invite small businesses to use it for free. All the brand affiliation will be to the larger company instead of Tangerine District. If you’re interested about this, you can contact Tangerine District about the possibilities (http://www.tangerinedistrict.com/en/become-sponsor.html).

In addition to the basic productivity tools, you can find an array of other integrated services such as timesheets, project management and ways to create websites. See the full list here (http://www.tangerinedistrict.com/en/integrated-software.html).

It’s an interesting concept for sure. I’m personally a little afraid the company is looking to help entrepreneurs on all fronts and one has to wonder if it is able to excel in all areas. Nevertheless, I’m eager to see where they gentlemen take their company.

Below are a few screenshots of the service.

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