Taneli Tikka Leaves Muxlim Board, Steps Down as RunToShop CEO

    Taneli TikkaTaneli Tikka, Finnish serial web entrepreneur, has told in his personal blog that he will leave the online Muslim community Muxlim’s Board of Directors, and hand over his seat to a “senior International figure in the online media world”. The purpose of the new board member is to “help Muxlim become a world class online media” in order to attract advertisers according to Taneli.

    Taneli also notes that he will end his CEO assignment at RunToShop 1st of April, as the company reaches the milestone of getting ready to launch their product for webstores that adds “social layer” of recommendations, reviews, and opinions. But Taneli is not done with RunToShop, instead he will join the company’s Board, and continue putting in part-time effort guiding the firm. Taneli sounds confident RunToShop will have a successful 2009, assisted by the recently finished a new funding round in December.

    Taneli states he is now looking for new challenges, either starting a new project or joining something existing, and invites all suggestions.