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Former Mayor Tuomas Hirvonen takes helm as CEO of Tampere Startup Hub Oy

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Tampere Startup Hub Oy has appointed Tuomas Hirvonen as its new CEO. Bringing considerable experience in regional business and a track record of modernizing municipal operations, Hirvonen is poised to invigorate the startup ecosystem in Pirkanmaa. His appointment signals a strategic pivot towards fostering collaboration among ecosystem stakeholders to enhance the region’s appeal to startups across all stages. Leveraging his extensive networks and sales acumen, he aims to propel growth and innovation at the Platform6 startup house in Tampere.

Tuomas Hirvonen has previously served as the Mayor of Vesilahti, where he played a central role in modernizing the municipality’s operations. In collaboration with the Tampere urban area, Hirvonen was involved in major regional programs, such as the preparation of the economic strategy. Hirvonen has wide networks that enable cross-border collaboration and a strong desire to develop the startup ecosystem in the Pirkanmaa region.

“We need to build a strong and clear, unified message with ecosystem stakeholders about the added value we offer to startups. Operations need to be developed as a whole so that companies and startups at different stages continue to settle in the region,” says Tuomas Hirvonen.

“We are very pleased to have Tuomas Hirvonen on board,” says Joni Lappalainen, Chairperson of the Board of Tampere Startup Hub Oy. “From his previous position, Tuomas has strong networks with decision-makers in the city of Tampere and understands how to work and communicate with them. He also has organizational sales expertise, which was evident in Vesilahti’s economic development and land allocations during his tenure. He has a strong will to develop the ‘doers’ ecosystem.”

Tampere Startup Hub Oy operates the Platform6 startup house in Tampere. Platform6 provides its members with spaces, resources, and networks that help companies succeed. Platform6’s startup clients grow 30-40% faster than other startups, according to research.

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