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Tallinn, Gothenburg Represented At Seedcamp London

I find it interesting to follow what Seedcamp and the other big European accelerators are doing. It’s useful to see what the trends are, and I also enjoy selfishly finding hot new services to check out before my friends. The following list has been invited to the Seedcamp London event, including three startups from the ArcticStartup region: Actual Reports and GateMe from Tallinn, and Together from Gothenburg.

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Here’s a quick drill-down of the local teams, followed by the full list of accepted teams.

Actual Reports describes themselves as a browser-based design tool for printouts, such as packaging labels, logistical labels, invoices, and so on. You’re able to modify existing templates, or build your own. Once you’ve done so, you can then plug into their API to easily spit out well designed printouts. Actual Reports is already integrated into ERPLY, giving them initial customers to pull from.

GateMe is a Estonian startup we somehow haven’t covered in about a year. They’ve built a beautiful tablet and smartphone based guest-list system to be used by club bouncers, but with a heavy focus on promoters. They aim to make nightclub operations more efficient, increasing revenues.

Together is a newcomer on our radar, and looks pretty interesting. They aim to make browsing the web on a tablet a shared experience by keeping your iPad and your friend’s iPad on the same page. While you browse you can also chat with your friends using VOIP connection. It looks useful for giving instructions, or just browsing a silly picture website with your friend while talking about your day. The iPad app can be downloaded for free.

Here’s the full list of the teams invited to Seedcamp London, taken from their blog:

  • Actual ReportsTallinn, Estonia – A document generation platform combined with an easy-to-use editor and time-saving API for the developers.
  • Babelverse, London, England – The universal speech translator, powered by humans.
  • Before You Die, London, UK – A social bucket list that facilitates action & reminds you how extraordinary life can be.
  • Carambla, Ghent, Belgium – Develops apps to help parking owners and cities drive traffic to available off-street parkings.
  • GateMeTallinn, Estonia – A revenue-generating event management platform for nightclubs – OpenTable for nightclubs.
  • HitMeUp, London, UK – Outrageous promotions going on around you right now.
  • hull, Paris, France – A full stack social platform as a service. Build social apps with open, reusable components.
  • Kinopto, London UK – Kinopto are going to change the way the world watches films at the Cinema.
  • Little Eye Labs, Bangalore, India – Creators of little eye, the performance analysis and productivity tool for Android app developers and testers!
  • Maily, Brussels, Belgium – Your kid’s first email.
  • minubo, Hamburg, Germany – A curated, web-based BI solution for eCommerce merchants with the most sexiest front-end.
  • Planvine, London, UK – Provides accurate and comprehensive event information which is powering what’s on guides across the globe.
  • RecommendCare, London, UK – Helps you make the right care choices through recommendations from people like you.
  • Saeker, Worcester, UK – Health & Safety managment in the Cloud.
  • Sellplex, London, UK – HootSuite for selling on multiple e-commerce platforms with IFTTT-like functionality. “Upload once, sell everywhere.”
  • SilverPush, Delhi, India – Real-time Analytics backed platform for targeting & retargeting on mobile.
  • Social Significance, London, UK – Application for hotels to monitor their ranking in the search results on travel websites.
  • Subscrib, London, UK – A service that enables brick-and-mortar merchants to sell value-added subscriptions and learn about their customers.
  • Toast, Berlin, Germany – Helps you find great gift ideas by collaborating with close friends.
  • TogetherGothenburg, Sweden – Making the web a sharable experience in realtime.

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