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Friday, July 1, 2022

Tallinn-based blockchain gaming developer raises $3.5 million

Fracture Labs, a Tallinn-based gaming studio, best known for their 3rd person survival role-playing game Decimated, has secured  an additional $3.5 million bringing the total raised to $8 million.The latest investment round was pooled from over a dozen investors including Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures, Spartan Group, and Cryptology AG.

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The funds are set to help further game development, as well as launch an NFT marketplace that will precede the 2022 release. Decimated is an open world survival game set in a dystopian reality, with a blockchain-based economy within the game.

The in-game currency, DIO is set to a fixed supply of one billion tokens, and cannot be created or destroyed. Introducing a new aspect to the gaming experience, the in-game currency can be purchased through real-world exchanges, creating having a fluctuating price (and value) based on real-world supply and demand.

In development since 2018, Decimated has won the Best Blockchain Game award at the 2019 Crypto Games Conference, and also took home an Epic MegaGrant from Unreal Engine. Originally bootstrapped, the studio introduced a private token sale with a target of $4 million and received over $30 million in offers within a month.

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