Talentag Launches Weekdone Employee Status Reporting Service

    Keeping an eye on your employees or team can still be messy, but Tallinn-based Talentag has launched a new employee status reporting service called Weekdone. Clearly there are a lot of competitors out there- such as Basecamp, Pivotal, or Asana, and we’ve even experimented with a few of these tracking solutions at the ArcticStartup office to help stay on top of things. But eventually all of them became more trouble than they were worth, and were difficult to fit into our workflow.

    Jüri Kaljundi, co-founder of Weekdone, says that they see their strength in simplicity by giving updates on key items – something everyone has time to read.

    Using the service, once a week all employees receive an email asking them to fill in information for their report. Rather than being ambiguious of what to report, Weekdone uses the PPP reporting paradigm asking employees for Progress, Plans, and Problems. There are also functions to measure company happiness, track overdue plans, and give managerial feedback. Afterwards, automatically compiled e-mail reports sent for your team and company that others can give feedback on.

    Initially the team was building Weekdone with larger corporations in mind, but have found that smaller teams are successfully using it.

    “We launched Talentag’s generic intranet tools in early summer, to experiment with various problems and solutions companies have in internal team communication. After a lot of customer experiments and attending Seedcamp in London we came to a focused Weekdone product which companies and their employees today really love,” said Jüri Kaljundi. “We say we’re the most zen reporting and team information sharing product out there. Simplicity rules and customers love if you do one thing really well.”

    The service offers a 30 day free trial, and is priced at $5 an employee for smaller teams, and $3-5 per employee for larger teams.