Talentadore: Personalised Feedback In Hiring

The 15 in Arctic15 stands for 15 finalists of the pitching competition. We will introduce them all over coming days in reverse alphabetical order. This is the fourth of the 15 articles.

Losing top talents decreases productivity ($350-400 billion loss in the US alone). 86% of candidates feel employers are unresponsive. On average, 26% of candidates are highly disappointed during the recruitment processes. They also tend to share their experience publicly. This harms the brand and employer image and causes lost revenue and fewer applications by top talents for the recruiting company. Yet companies are unable to respond and provide feedback to each and every job candidate. Doing that to 100 candidates would require 25 hours of manual HR work. Talentadore reduces that number to 17 minutes by developing a solution that provides personalised feedback to each job candidate. In turn, candidates can use the tool to request feedback from any recruiter.


The Talentadore solution uses patent pending algorithms for natural language processing, which would enable personal feedback for each applicant and carry on engagement on a highly individual level during and after the recruitment process. The idea of personalised feedback in recruitment gets recognition – the company has been ranked as the best Finnish company in Polar Bear Pitching 2016 in Oulu.

Today, it has 10 active customers and 70-80 customers in the pipeline. Talentadore raised 30k in 2015 and currently focuses on partnerships with recruitment systems and establishing a commission-based sales force into key markets. The team has 7 full-time employees with a solid previous track record in international sales, IT and communication, and 7 advisors, including Jari Jaanto and Risto Rautkorpi.