Talent Garden raises €44 million, eyeing Nordic expansion

You don’t need to be in London, Paris or Berlin to start a successful tech company. Nordic unicorns Spotify, Supercell and iZettle are prime examples. Talent Garden aims to capitalize on this by connecting startups and students in a new kind of coworking spaces located beyond the world’s expensive tech capitals.

Startup teams are used to working remotely and do not need to be based in the world’s costliest cities. Talent Garden is creating smart working spaces as campuses connecting startups and students across Europe and linking them into the global startup ecosystem. They are currently running 23 active campuses across 8 countries. The team has now raised a funding round to open another 20 international coworking campuses by 2022.

Company’s Head of Strategy & Nordic Development Rasa Strumskyte comments on the particulars:

“Currently, we are scouting several city ecosystems in Denmark and beyond. Among them are Aarhus, Malmo and 3-4 other potential destinations in the next years.”

-Rasa Strumskyte

The €44 million funding round was led by Tamburi Investment Partner with Social Capital, Indaco Ventures and primarily European family offices among other investors. The key aim of the round is to fuel Talent Garden’s faster expansion across Europe’s second and third tier startup cities.

Talent Garden is working to open 20 new international coworking campuses over the next 3 years and expand the scope of its Innovation School. They already have 3 locations in Copenhagen, have started a joint venture with Rainmaking Loft in 2018 and recently launched their first Innovation School in the Nordics.

The strategy also includes new locations opening in Madrid and Barcelona in 2019, expanding in Italy, their home market as well as launching in Austria and France. They are also working on a special campus project in San Francisco to help connect  European founders to Silicon Valley.