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ScarfmakerA nifty little Estonian startup called Scarfmaker, has launched its less than a month ago. As the name suggests they make scarfs, but not any kind of scarfs – custom tailored ones. The company was founded in October 2008 and has been around a little over a year to develop the service. In the year of developing the service and company, I have to say I like the end result and makes me want to test their service.

Scarfmaker does not only make scarfs, but hats and other accessories. The method is relatively simple. First of all, the user creates her account on the website. After this, there is a set of tools available for use to design your own scarf. The user can choose from 14 different colours for the item itself. Text and other graphical items can be applied to the scarf from a pre-set pool of designs or the user can design her own graphic with a tool brush.

The design is after this sent to production where it is knit to the item at hand. Therefore the end result is a fully customised item and not a cut-and-paste embroided version of it. Dmitri Tsekanov, one of the two founders behind the company told me that they are currently co-operating with Estonian knitting factories to produce the goods.

The venture has been financed by the two owners and at the moment there aren’t any other investors nor people behind it. Having said that, once the initial investment for the service and business have been put into place the system is able to run pretty much by itself. The knitting factories and producers download the files to their sewing machines to produce the goods and no extra effort from Scarfmaker is needed.

Scarfmaker is tackling an interesting space with its service. While there are many competitors in the mass customisation t-shirt and more common clothing market, not many have managed to create a service to help people living in more colder places design their clothes. One could therefore argue that geographic focus in this sense is also important, while I do realise that scarfs are not only used in cooler climates.

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