Tagplay simplifies creating content through hashtags

    You’ve created your startup and crafted the perfect website – Then suddenly you realize that this monster is impossible to update on-the-go if you don’t come from an engineer school or if you don’t have at least one IT person at your office.

    Tagplay, an Icelandic company, launched its simple and innovative solution to solve the core of this problem. By using their tool, the companies will be able to update their website via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail feed.

    “Companies lose business leads because of outdated content on their websites, the reason being that it can be both time consuming and quite complicated to update a website,” says Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, the CEO and founder of Tagplay.

    The magic behind the Tagplay is a ‘formula box’ where the hashtags of your choice will lead to while creating an automatic update on your website. Social media channels being the everyday way to promote your company and engage your customers, the service enables also your customers to participate in updating your page by using the hashtags.

    A moderation tool is also included so one can’t just hack your site. The tool allows you to make the editorial decisions and gives the ability to ban a person from updating your website via the hashtags you’re using.

    Tagplay can also find an echo for web developers, allowing them to avoid the problems of backend programming and help in teaching clients to navigate through complex CMS systems for relatively easy content updates.

    Since we all use Facebook or Instagram everyday – and if your posts can now update your website – with Tagplay there’s no more excuses to have one year old presentations or posts on your homepage.