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According to Mobile News, T-Mobile is introducing something all mobile operators Europe wide should adopt to increase data usage, something mobile service developers would certainly applaud. At Mobile World Congress 2011, Deutsch Telekom Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Edward Kozel has announced fixed fees for data roaming for its customers – anywhere in Europe.

The move is simple and most likely something people have been expecting for quite some time. There will be three different packages available. The first is for 10Mb and costs 1.95€, where as those wanting more data per day can buy the 50Mb package for 4.95€ and a flat week pass for a mere 14.95€.

While you can argue that the prices are still expensive, this is a dramatic improvement to the current situation. It seems that the operators have finally realised that they need to do something in order to increase data roaming usage among customers. T-Mobile will roll out the new pricing in March and by July it will be available across all its markets.

Currently, according to T-Mobile, only three percent of its customers use data services abroad. This is likely to increase dramatically as pricing is made simpler and more acceptable. Along with this, will also dramatically increase the usage of mobile apps across the borders. Currently many applications that require an internet connection will be left without usage in fear of expensive phone bills.

Now, when will we see other operators in Europe adopt this and help fuel mobile app usage?

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