Symphonical launch premium features for their task management app

    Norway’s Symphonical, a company that makes a cloud based task management tool for teams, have just announced a new premium dashboard feature you’ll probably need to get if you really want to make the most of the service they offer.

    Their app allows users to create virtual, collaborative whiteboards on which they can note tasks that need to be completed. The new dashboard they have launched presents a consolidated view of these tasks from multiple whiteboard and gives users a choice of different layouts. You’ve got the to-do list organised by status, the calendar arranged by due date, or simply a summary of completed tasks. Visually the app displays tasks as sticky notes on a whiteboard which is split into rows and columns that help order the notes and give them greater meaning within the context of the work being done.

    CEO Bjorn Haugland said “We’re really excited about the new dashboard because it allows users to achieve both focus and overview, simultaneously. That is very rare, and just one of many features that sets Symphonical apart from other, more conventional task planning applications. We like to think of Symphonical as a breath of fresh air ­ a way to make the serious business of planning not only easier, but more fun. Our new dashboards are colourful, dynamic and really powerful, and we know people will love using them.”

    Notes can be colour coded, given due dates and assigned to different users to show who has responsibility for completing the task it describes. Extra text, images, link and attachments can also be added to the note and viewed when it is expanded. The whole thing seems designed for ease of use as you can click and drag tasks into different categories or dates depending on the view you are in. It’s also worth noting that the calendar can be synced with Outlook, Google Calendar and other applications too which is pretty much a necessity these days. There’s also a wall sharing ability and a built ­in Google Hangout feature for those times you’ve got to plan in partnership.

    Symphonical soon expects to have 200,000 registered users as its user base has multiplied by a factor of 4 over the last year and includes the likes of former White House CIO Carlos Solari, who we are told, used it to outline plots for his last co-­written novel eNikita and to plan projects. Also given as examples are the design quality engineers at Whirlpool led by Franz Hartman who use it as a virtual global team for visual planning.

    The premium upgrade is priced at $4.99 a month, although I’m assuming that’s a per-user price and not a per-business one. If this is the sort of service you’ve been after perhaps it’s worth your time to check it out, or if you use a different service why not let us know about it in the comments.