SwipeToMeet wants to improve efficiency of scheduling

SwipeToMeet makes scheduling meetings as fast as swiping a match on Tinder.

What if matching calendars, while scheduling a meeting, wasn’t such a hassle? That’s what Helsinki-based startup Meetin.gs aims at with their mobile application SwipeToMeet. The app simplifies finding a suitable time for a group of people to meet – no matter if it’s about doing business or organizing a lunch with friends.

“Scheduling group meetings on the mobile has been time consuming and requires switching between applications like email, phone, calendar and instant messenger. In designing SwipeToMeet we wanted to make it as simple as Tinder and as useful as Doodle. The end result is the world’s simplest mobile scheduling experience,” says Teemu Arina, the CEO of SwipeToMeet.

The idea of SwipeToMeet is to minimize the effort of matching calendars manually among the organizers and participants. Instead of wasting time on scheduling, the suitable time can be found within minutes by swiping through the requested meeting times. The organizer sets the specifications for the meeting (for instance meeting in the afternoon within two weeks but not on Tuesdays) and the service matches the availability of people in real-time.

The invitation to schedule a meeting doesn’t require certain devices for one to answer: Invitations will be delivered to participants by push notifications or SMS, and availability can be informed simply by swiping through the app or a mobile browser. To ease up the process even more, SwipeToMeet is integrated to your phone address book as well as Google Calendar and the most common phone calendars such as Outlook, Office365 and iCloud calendar.

According to the team, on top of concentrating on mobile-first approach, usability and automation have been in the heart of developing effortless scheduling experience for the users.

“The real magic of SwipeToMeet is conducted by the smart algorithms in the background. Like a real human assistant, it does all the work and provides only relevant suggestions to participants,” Antti Vähäkotamäki, the CTO of SwipeToMeet, explains.