Swestartups Maps The Swedish Startup Scene

    Everyone loves a good map, and one crowdsourced initiative is Swestartups, a startup map attempting to cover the whole of Sweden. We’ve seen other startup maps pop up, like StartupLocation covering Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as CPH startups covering the Copenhagen region and StartupNorway’s coverage of Norway.

    We’re a fan of these initiatives because it’s good to know your neighbors, and it’s useful for showing outside investors and entrepreneurs where the clusters are. We’re currently revamping the “Startups” tab of our site to build a much more useful product, so someday soon we’ll collect and present the whole region better in ways like this.

    Currently there’s only around 60 startups listed on Swestartups, but it’s still useful for getting an impression of cities like Malmö where we haven’t visited yet.

    The map can be found here.