Swedish VC Wellstreet Is Coming To Lithuania

Wellstreet, one of Scandinavia’s most active investors in seed and early-stage
startups is coming to Startup Fair in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 16-17. The company is known for providing specific expertise and turn the innovative ideas into viable, fast-growing businesses through the investment in early-stage startups.

At the Startup Fair, Lithuanian startups will be able to meet Simon Saneback, an award-winning entrepreneur and founding partner at Wellstreet. Simon focuses on sustainable and impactful businesses. So if your startup is making the world a better place, you can connect with him at the event through Startup Fait B2B matchmaking tool. Saneback will give a keynote on Disruptive Tech and present the latest insights on how innovation can create not only a new value, but also
a new market, which means new opportunities for innovative ideas to become viable businesses and grow up very quickly.

Besides disruptive tech, Startup Fair program will include keynotes, presentations, discussion panels, and other content sessions that cover the most in-demand areas of business: growth, venture capital, fintech, blockchain & ICO’s. Most appreciated local and international speakers will discuss why Lithuania is becoming the European fintech center and is pushing the bar with ICO among other exciting topics.

In addition to that, Startup Fair team welcomes early-stage startups to take part in a Startup Fair Pitch Battle. The applications are open until 2nd of May. The best-performing startups of this year’s Pitch Battle will win the unprecedented 100 000 EUR investment funded by LitBan