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The Swedish social games maker SLX Games has taken its first 3D MMO to Facebook. Their Nord game has now been ported to Facebook, by taking advantage of Java technology that works on all major platforms including Mac, Linux and Windows. They will try to extend Facebook’s social reach into 3D in a manner where people can socialize in a way that is common in other parts of the internet. Nord allows players to design their own virtual worlds and fill it with their own events as well as parties.

“Merging with Facebook is a natural and logical step for Nord that allows us to tap into Facebook’s social potential and to expand upon it. It is an honor for us to be the first virtual world on Facebook that allows users to hang out with their friends in full 3D,” says Markus Larsson, co-founder of SLX Games.

Nord is indeed going in the same direction as the other MMO’s out there, such as Habbo Hotel. They’ve tapped on the potential of Facebook in getting more users on board, but I think there’s still huge potential to be harnessed. Games that are installation free, playable directly from almost any browser will surely attract a huge crowd with the right set of playablity.

Markus Larsson continues: “With Nord, platform incompatibility is a thing of the past. It is our firm belief that users are no longer OK with apps that only support a fragment of all platforms available. People want to stay connected wherever they are.”

Nord builds on many of the success factors and features of other games such as Habbo Hotel and Farmville. In Nord, you’re able to build your own nightclubs and farms and enjoy the results with your friends.

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